“One-Stop-Shop” Marketing Solution

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Creative advertising

We turn creative ideas into unqiue works of art with great influence, contributing to bringing the brand identity closer to the majority of targeted audience

Consulting & implementing marketing strategy

We accompany the brand from researching, positioning strategies, making plans to executing. Zeit Media provides full-package marketing – advertising services as request in any field

Consulting & organization of events

Starting from the leading Agency in event organizing, Zeit Media is the name behind the success of Vietnam’s top events such as NEX, Above & Beyond and so on. We provides event organizing services in multi-field, multi-scale with full package as request


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Design Brand identity

We come up with brand’s name and slogan; design brand logo and identity; design applicable identity set ; make brand guidelines

Design and Produce Sales Kit

We consult products’ names and structure; design sales materials (Labels, Brochure, Sales kit, Flyer, etc.); consult materials and production

Design and Produce Online/Offline Publications

We design campaigns’ Key visual; design marketing materials for every campaign (Poster, Banner, Brochure, Profile, Annual Report, etc.); consult materials and production

Produce Advertising and Documentary Movies

We consult and make multi-material scripts as request (Animated video, Testimonial video, Evcent recap, Livestream, Augmented Reality/AR, etc.); pre and post production

Consulting & implementing marketing strategy

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Brand marketing

We research and consult brand positioning for individual/organization; Build marketing strategies (weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly); Execute and operate marketing and advertising activities

Product advertising

We research and consult product/service positioning; Build marketing strategies (weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly); Execute and operate marketing and advertising activities

High-class entertainment model setup

We create concepts and consult landscape and architecture design; consult operation process and marketing, advertising; execute and operate as request


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Design event concepts

Develop organization plans and marketing-communication plans for the event.

Organize festivals, community activities, cultural events, music, sport, tourism, celebrations for businesses, corporations, state agencies, etc.

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“One-Stop-Shop” Marketing Solution

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